eHealth Workforce Survey

We will develop a structured survey of eHealth education, skills and training for the GCC region, including detailed job descriptions for over 250 HIM/HIT/HI related jobs modified for the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

The survey will include following eHealth components:

  • eHealth Training and Education

  • eHealth Skills

  • Local eHealth Workforce Status and Interactions

  • eHealth Tools, Resources and Courses

  • Additional eHealth Training, Skills and Assessment Questions

  • Trends and Gaps in eHealth Education, Skills and Training

The survey will be distributed to a maximum number of respondents identified within the GCC distribution area.The survey data will be aggregated, compiled and analyzed.
The results* will be collected in a white paper to be published and presented at the GCC eHealth Conference in September 2018.

*Results will be aligned with the results from the EU*US eHealth Work

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