Payments, Cancellation, Terms & Conditions


Clause 1: Participant (Exhibitor or Sponsor Company) is required to send the signed application form and make the related payment to Gulf Circle Tours (Organizing Secretariat) in order to be an exhibitor or sponsor in the mentioned organization. Following this process, Gulf Circle Tours will send an official document to the participant company that is confirming the sponsorship or stand rental. 

Clause 2: The application form will be signed by the Participant and Gulf Circle Tours. The validity of the application form depends on the agreement between all parties on all conditions required in this document. 

Clause 3: Participant’s liability starts with the signage of the application form. By declining to attend the exhibition, Participant will not be released from their liabilities. 

Clause 4: Gulf Circle Tours will prepare the exhibition area as the stand areas have been marked, any additional requirements have been provided. The stand area to be rented to the Participant will be signed on the exhibition floorplan, the stand number, size and payment conditions will be indicated on the application form. In the case Participant requires a shell scheme package (with an additional cost), the company name will be written by Gulf Circle Tours with a type size that can be read easily by the participants.

Clause 5: Participant is obliged to get the approval of Gulf Circle Tours for the design of their special stand project. Gulf Circle Tours are authorized to check the project in detail and make necessary arrangements in order to provide the convenience of the project. 

Clause 6: Gulf Circle Tours has the right to re-arrange the exhibition floorplan and change the stand places upon request of an exhibitor or due to any eligible reason. The maximum stand height will be announcing in the exhibition technical manual. 

Clause 7: The exhibition/sponsorship fees are calculated;

‚ÄĘ Stand space indicated on the exhibition and sponsorship booking form,

‚ÄĘ Sponsorship benefits mentioned under the related sponsorship title listed in this prospectus,¬†

‚ÄĘ Providing the information office services,¬†

‚ÄĘ Providing the general security and cleaning services of the exhibition area (participants are obliged to clean their stands),

‚ÄĘ Participants are responsible from the safety and insurance of their products within their stand areas.¬†

Clause 8: The services which are not included in the exhibition/sponsorship fee and can be provided additionally due to Participant’s additional order and payment are listed as below:

‚ÄĘ Additional exhibitor badge(s),

‚ÄĘ Phone and/or internet lines,

‚ÄĘ Catering services,

‚ÄĘ Additional stand equipment including furniture, AV equipment, floral decoration, etc.¬†

Clause 9: Participant has the interior design of the stand done on their own budget. Participant is liable to have a competent staff work at their stand who can give technical and commercial information to the participants within the exhibition opening hours. 

Clause 10: Exhibition area will be open between the dates mentioned in the exhibition information section of this document. 

Clause 11: Exhibition set-up hours has been mentioned between in the exhibition information section of this document. Participants are only being allowed to proceed the set-up of their stand only for decoration work in that timeframe. On the closing day of the exhibition, all the stands should be dismantled and cleared out between the hours indicated in the exhibition information section of this document. Gulf Circle Tours have the right to throw out the materials which are not taken out from the stand area within this dismantling time without any

prior warning. Any damages and expenses occurred have to be covered by the Participant. 

Clause 12: Exhibition organized by Gulf Circle Tours might completely or partly becomes impossible to be operated due to force majeure (circumstances that are not under the control of Gulf Circle Tours, such as interventions of government or any other official authorities, war, strike coup d’etat, quarantine, epidemic diseases, civil turmoil, natural disasters etc.). In the case of occurrence of any of the above-mentioned reasons, Gulf Circle Tours do not admit any liability. 

Clause 13: Participant that signs the acceptance form is obliged to correspond to the exhibition terms and conditions, as well as the exhibition timetable. 

Clause 14: CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellation requirements have to be sent to Gulf Circle Tours in writing. For cancellations received until March 29, 2018, full payment less the bank charges will be refunded within 30 days after the exhibition dates. For cancellations received between March 29 - April 29, 2018, 50% of the payment will be charged as a penalty and the rest, less the bank charges will be refunded. The refunds will be made within 30 days after the event dates. For cancellations received on or after April 30, 2018, full payment will be charged and no refunds will be made. 

Clause 15: Any activities within the stand area such as distributing promotional materials, organizing a special activity for the participants, serving food & beverage, using any audiovisual system, etc. should not disturb the exhibition in general, as well as the participants of the conference and exhibition.

Clause 16: Participants are not allowed to make any promotion for their companies and/or products out of their rented stand area, or anywhere place which has not been indicated in the sponsorship benefits listed under the related sponsorship title. 

Clause 17: In the case, the Participant causes any material damage in the event venue they are obliged to make restitution for the related damage. 

Clause 18: In the case, the Participant exceeds their stand area size, they should dismantle their stand and set-up again with the correct size. 

Clause 19: The regulations of the event venue will apply for food & beverage services in the stand area. Therefore, Participant is required to inform Gulf Circle Tours prior to the organization dates regarding the food & beverage services planned within the scope of their participation.

Clause 20: ACCELERATION ‚Äď INTEREST CONDITION: The payment plan is as it is indicated in the application form, and in the case of any delays in any of the payments due to any reasons, the full amount of the deferred payment will become due and¬†has to¬†be paid immediately. For the collection of the due amount, a default interest of %10 will be applied per month between the default date and the payment date.

Clause 21: INTEGRITY OF THE AGREEMENT; this agreement includes all agreed correspondence between both parties and takes the place of all prior written or verbal correspondences. Any changes on this agreement have to be done in writing and signed by the authorized representatives of both parties. 

Clause 22: DIVISIBILITY OF THE AGREEMENT; Any court ruling about disallowance of any of the clauses of this agreement (no matter completely or partly) will not affect other clauses to be applied.

Clause 23: TERMINATION OF THE AGREEMENT; Termination of the agreement does not affect the rights and liabilities of both parties arise from this agreement before the time of termination. In the case this agreement is terminated under the mentioned circumstances, Gulf Circle Tours will not be under any liability to the Participant, and Participant accepts and commits that they will not claim anything including a compensation for any losses or lack of profit.                                                                    

Clause 24: CONDITION OF PROOF; Gulf Circle Tours' records will be considered valid in the case of any conflicts arises between both parties. 

Clause 25: CONDITION OF AUTHORIZATION; Istanbul Courts and Istanbul Enforcement Offices are authorized for the settlement of any conflicts arises from the implementation of this agreement. 

Clause 26: These agreement conditions are a part of the application form, and become effective by signing the application form. 

Clause 27: This agreement is consisting of 27 clauses