Clinical Informatics and the Role of IT for Nursing Care

Part 1: Clinical Informatics from Zero to Hero 


Everyday Health Care Organization Leaders, Clinical Informaticists, and IT Analysts face the unenviable task of designing and building efficient, usable, and relevant clinical workflows within their EHRs, that places the focus on their patients and clinicians. Many organizations make the common mistake of focusing the majority of their money, resources and time on designing and building clinical content without a clear plan to achieve their desired state. This focus on the initial implementation with all associated costs takes the focus away from the most important reason for implementing an EHR in the first place, the meaningful use of patient information to drive better care and outcomes.


Robert Nieves, VP Health Informatics, Elsevier Clinical Solutions

Target Audience:

Physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals who are interested in becoming Clinical Informaticists

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to develop and implement a framework that fosters a culture of evidence-based practice
  • Learn how the tenets of Informatics can be applied as your designing and building your documentation and order entry workflow
  • Understand the Why behind the need to provide knowledge to physician, nurses and allied health at the point of care
  • Review innovative approaches to utilizing evidence at the point of care


PART 2: Documenting Nursing Brings Better Care and More Value


Patient safety and patient security coordinated with better care need to be documented in the Electronic Patient Record with accuracy and efficiency.  To demonstrate I will focus on the nursing process with the sequence clinical assessment, nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, and outcome coupled with analytic tools. Our experience is in more than 450 hospitals in Switzerland, Germany, Austria.


Patrick Weber, Director, Nice Computing SA

IMIA Vice-President, MEdInfo

Target audience:

Nurses, wards, head nurses, nursing direction and CNIO


By essence, a workshop is a cross-fertilization between the audience and the invited person. The experience of the participants will be introduced in the exchange process, and the richness of the exchanges will enlarge the point of view about the quality of care.

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