FHIR Training

Course Description:

This course will provide audience with good understanding of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) as standard; and give them the tools and knowledge needed to develop their own ideas of where to implement FHIR in their organizations.

The hands-on exercise uses free Mirth Connect and Siemens Healthineers eHealth platform will walk you through the following:

  • Installing Mirth Connect.
  • Connecting Mirth Connect to a live FHIR server via a real EHR FHIR test system.
  • An example of transforming FHIR in XML format (Patient Resource) to HL7 v2 (ADT A08).
  • Demonstrating the benefit of FHIR in eHealth domain using the Siemens Patient Chart.
  • A Fun Quiz -Course Review

Target audience:

Data Architects, Data Integration Specialists, Mobile Apps Developers, Enterprise Architects

Course Requirements:


It’s recommended to bring your laptop to participate in the hands-on exercises.


9:00-11:00: Welcome and introduction (Siemens)

By: Florian Wozak, Product Manager eHealth Solutions, Siemens-Healthineers

Hrvoje Kopjar, Global Lead eHealth Solutions, Siemens-Healthineers

  • Introduction to HL7 FHIR, FHIR resources and Communications
  • Focus from FHIR
  • Ground principals
  • Where to apply
  • Additional use topics
  • FHIR component
  • FHIR Co-exists
  • Questions

11:00 – 11:30: Coffee break

11:30-13:00: Applying FHIR in eHealth solutions (Siemens)

  • Transmitting FHIR messages to Siemens eHealth repository
  • Notice how data is represented in eHealth solution
  • Observe how data from FHIR messages populates the patient chart

13:00 -14:00: Lunch

14:00-14:20: Case Study: Enhancing Value of Your EMR Investment: SMART on FHIR Apps for Doctors at the point of Care

By Michael J. Annechino, Global Partnerships & Government Relations, VisualDx

14:20-17:30: Technical Track

By Nailah “Gina” Malak, Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Technology Officer, BlockInterop, Inc

1. Mirth Connect Installation

  • Java Installation
  • Install Mirth Connect on Windows
  • Install Mirth Connect on Mac
  • Install old version of Mirth Connect

2. Hands-On: Connect to Cerner Sandbox

  • Hand-On Lesson Description
  • Mirth – Import Channel
  • Mirth – Run Channel

3. Hands-On: Connect to InterSystems FHIR Sandbox

  • Hands-On Lesson Description
  • Steps 1 and 2 – FHIR Sandbox and Glitch Setup
  • Step 3 – Create Simple SMART on FHIR App
  • Step 4 – Register and Launch in Sandbox


15:30: Coffee Break

4. Hands-On: FHIR to HL7v2

  • Hands-On Lesson Description
  • Unzip File
  • Import Channel
  • Looking Inside Channel – Message Template
  • Looking Inside Channel – Source Transformations
  • Looking Inside Channel – Destination Transformations
  • Save and Deploy Channel
  • Run and Test Channel

5. FHIR Tools

  • Crucible
  • HL7’s FHIR Download Page
  • FHIR Chat Group
  • Free FHIR Database
  • FHIR Resource Validator – JSON and XML

17:30 -18:00: Summery; Panel discussion and Q&A

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