Revenue Cycle Management: Form simple patient accounting to full integration


  • RCM responsible for securing the patient journey from the encounter start till the encounter end
  • RCM is responsible for all transactions related to patients‚Äô encounters from time of appointment/registration until financial reconciliation which could happen a year later to the encounter date‚Ķ


  • Front-End RCM Functions; Payer negotiation, insurance contract management, patient accesses including scheduling, preauthorization, insurance verification, Point-of-service collection and financial counseling
  • Mid-End RCM Functions; Clinical documentation, Change capture, coding, case management
  • Back-End RCM Function Claims processing and payment posting, Follow-up, customer service, collections and denial management
  • Digital Documentation Improvement
  • Revenue Integrity and Efficiency

Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve and Maintains fair reimbursement under regulator and payer Adjudication with main focus on patient satisfaction

Target Audience:

  • Health care providers
  • Insurance companies and TPA
  • Regulators
  • IT vendors for healthcare solutions

Speakers details:

‚Äč ¬†

   Shairein Ahmed

   Head of Revenue Cycle Management

   Healthpoint Hospital


‚Äč ¬†

   Ahmed Tantawy

   Group Director Revenue Cycle Management

   United Eastern Medical Services Group


‚Äč ¬†

   Ziad Tabet

   Director of Customer Relations




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