Who Will Be Attending

The relevant planning and management of the healthcare workforce are fundamental to achieving and maintaining a well-functioning health system. 

All stakeholders need to work together to develop and sustain a framework for appropriately qualified, equitably deployed, motivated and well-supported health workforce.

  • Government Policy-makers and Strategists
  • Universities & Training Institutions
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • eHealth Solutions & Service Providers
  • HR Service Providers
  • eHealth Professionals


logo GCC.JPGGovernment Policy-makers and Strategists
Address and evaluate the effectiveness of setting goals and investing in workforce development in the healthcare sector, and make strategic plans to drive a sustainable digital health transformation. This stakeholder group includes:

  • Executives of ministries of Health, Human Resources Development and Education
  • Executives of Government Healthcare services regulators and providers¬†
  • Executives of Government recruitment and youth empowerment agencies
  • Executives of smart government and digital transformation¬†


logo GCC.JPG Universities & Training Institutions
Benefit from framework to provide innovative undergraduate, graduate and vocational training programs, as well as be able to start working towards a regional standardization. This stakeholder group includes:

  • Higher Education professionals interested in Health Information Management,¬†Health Information Technology and Health Informatics
  • Curriculum developers, interested in¬†Health Information Management,¬†Health Information Technology and Health Informatics
  • ¬†Researchers interested in Workforce Development, Informatics, Healthcare analytics and biostatistics

logo GCC.JPG Healthcare Service Providers

Get ideas how this initiative can reduce personnel churn as well as support professional staff with real-life experience and training. This stakeholder group includes:

  • C-level executives:¬†CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs,¬†CMIOs, CMOs¬†and CDOs
  • Human Resources Executives
  • Revenue Cycle Management Executives
  • Medical Training Executives
  • IT Management staff
  • Health Information Mangement and medical records staff
  • Medical Coding staff

logo GCC.JPG eHealth Solutions & Service Providers

Vendors of eHealth technologies and healthcare digital transformation consultants will meet with key stakeholders for business across the region and add your voice to the policy development. Including:

  • EMR¬†systems vendors
  • EHR systems vendors
  • Ancillary systems vendors e.g. Imaging, Lab and Pharmacy system
  • Revenue Cycle Management services and solutions providers
  • Digital transformation support consultants
  • Integration and Healthcare analytics vendors
  • Virtual Learning Environment vendors


logo GCC.JPG HR Service Providers

Build new collaborations and partnerships. HR professionals interested in recruiting eHealth professionals and Training and recruitment agencies will be able to discuss ways to support hands-on experience, training, regional certification and job placement. Including:

  • HR Service Providers
  • HR Outsourcing Service Providers
  • Training and recruitment agencies

logo GCC.JPG eHealth Professionals

At the conference, you will advance your competencies and explore new career paths in e-health.

  • Medical and Nursing staff interested in Medical and Nursing Informatics
  • Allied Health staff interested in Health Informatics and Health Information Management
  • Health Information Management and Medical Record Staff
  • Medical Coding and Revenue¬†Cycle Management Specialists
  • Healthcare Information Technology Specialists
  • Security and Privacy Specialists
  • Healthcare Data Analytics and Big Data Experts¬†¬†